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The day her water broke was two days after her parents had showed up - good timing, as far as Ariadne was concerned, though it was still a few days earlier than they'd been expecting. Still, aside from the discomfort of the contractions, she was anxious to finally just have the baby - she wanted to meet her little girl.

Arthur got her to the hospital with his usual efficiency, though she could tell he was as nervous as any expectant father should be. Of course, they still had a long time to wait. Twelve hours in the hospital, taking a nap or two, her OBG-YN checking her dilation periodically, going for walks down the hallways in between contractions - finally, they were coming faster, with only a minute or so in between to catch her breath before the next one. Arthur held her hand, even when she gripped it so hard she thought she might be breaking his fingers with the part of her brain that wasn't preoccupied with the pain and the pushing.

Then the white noise of the hospital room was broken by the angry wailing of a newborn - their baby girl - and a huge rush of affection and relief broke over Ariadne like she'd never felt before. She collapsed back against the pillows, her skin damp with sweat and tears, sore and more exhausted than she'd ever felt in her life.

"How is she?" she heard herself ask, unable to rest until she'd seen her daughter for herself, heard them tell her everything was all right.

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