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Ariadne; The Architect ([personal profile] chesstotem) wrote2012-01-08 10:38 pm

for [personal profile] isnt_the_same

The only good thing about being in Paris, and away from Arthur for a while, was the easy ability Ariadne had to report back to her bosses with what information she had so far.

It was also a bit of a relief to know that they didn't really have any intention of prosecuting Arthur, or anyone else from the Fischer job - at this point, her bosses were sniffing out something much bigger, and just wanted her to use them to get closer to whatever the bigger operation was, to figure out who was behind it.

She suspected it was something much worse than anything Arthur would be willing to do.

Still, aside from the regular calls to her bosses, it was exactly as boring and depressing as she'd known it would be, having to pretend to be a student again, attend classes without even the hope of Arthur on the phone in the evenings. She walked to the college most days, went to a couple of classes, walked back to her messy little apartment in the late afternoon or evening. Ate takeout for dinner, because she could barely cook for herself. At night, she would touch herself, remembering how Arthur felt on top of her, inside her.

The next day, she did it all again.

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