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Oct. 28th, 2011 02:00 pm
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LOL, spiders!!! They're so cute, thanks guys. ♥

Oh yeah, and happy Halloween!
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Ariadne's parents had been there for a few days by the time Arthur's mother was scheduled to arrive - which was all to the good, as far as she was concerned. She needed the emotional support provided by her parents to get up the bravery to face his mom. He told her she didn't have to go along to pick her up, but Ariadne insisted. The ginger tea helped a lot with the nausea, and the rest, well. Arthur was with her.
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Eight weeks. She was eight weeks pregnant, and she knew she couldn't wait any longer. Her errands complete, she put the groceries away and went to find Arthur in his office. Slipping her arms around his shoulders from behind, she kissed his neck. "I'm going to call my parents on Skype in a few minutes. I'd like you to be with me," she murmured in his ear.
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Their first day camping wasn't Ariadne's usual idea of a good time. Trying to find a good spot, then trying to pitch the tent, attempting to start a fire. Then there was her face getting sunburned, and the bugs...

But when the sun went down, the world turned into a strange and beautiful place, and she felt at peace in a way she hadn't in... quite a long time. Not since before Arthur's accident, anyway. It was easy as anything to snuggle close to him, grasping his hand.
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