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Ariadne; The Architect ([personal profile] chesstotem) wrote2011-12-30 03:08 pm

Hey everyone...

For anyone who isn't aware already, I'm in the process of moving my toys to Dreamwidth. This has been a long time coming, for a number of reasons that I don't really feel like getting into here (if someone is genuinely curious, and/or doesn't understand why I'm doing this, feel free to ask, but I assume most people have at least an idea of the issues with LJ). I may continue to crosspost between the two sites (if you have an LJ account it's easy to comment at DW with OpenID) if it looks like there are quite a few people I want to RP with still active over there, but otherwise, my primary RP playground is going to be DW from here on out.

I highly encourage anyone who doesn't know what Dreamwidth is, or who is hesitating/on the fence about it, to make an account here in the next couple of days (account creation is open until the 1st) and check it out - it's superior to LJ in many ways.

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