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Ariadne; The Architect ([personal profile] chesstotem) wrote2011-12-19 08:23 pm
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FYI - will be slow

Hey all, I'm flying home to Nebraska tomorrow for ten days, which means my internet access will be limited to my phone and my parents' dinosaur of a computer. So while I plan to keep up with things as best I can, I'll probably be a little slow until about the 30th.

Happy holidays!

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And a safe trip home.

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Safe travelling and happy holidays.

Also... is there really much of a way to get many things done over the hol's at home? Especially in terms of RP... so yeah, slow all around it seems.
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My dad's been putting off decorating because I haven't been home. (Really.) So there's that, and a ton of other things/people to get around to seeing.

I'm the only with schoolwork and studying to do over the hols, aren't I? OTL
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I hope it is.

The hardest thing about living by yourself, is cooking. I have to agree.
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I do most of the cooking, so it's making one giant tub of food for the week. With the chance encounter of putting on a rice cooker or instant noodles.

Oh yeah, you may find new places, but some just never compare.

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Frozen things, I'm still trying to be health conscious. So every once in a while, just take half a day to make a lot of food to stockpile. Not that it's much better....

No? Sucks. Does it have decent chinese?

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I should look into stores like that around the area, as long as it's not a long commute.

And, being Asian, I have to say a lot of what you get outside the little pockets of chinese/korean/japanese the food is, really, really subpar. A little because ingredients can be hard to get and pricey, but also because people expect different things.
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Shopping made easy. If only it were like that in more places.

And well, I have to admit there are times you don't want to know what you're eating. But I do recommend the desserts like egg tarts and pastries should you ever run across a bread and biscuit shop.
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[personal profile] mutedpoint 2011-12-20 06:16 am (UTC)(link) would be wonderful, if you can find them.