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How's My Driving?

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If my threading with you is a testament to anything, I really love your Ariadne. She's sassier than the others and I like that a lot. I'm sorry if my Arthur isn't spectacular, I just started with him and he's a bit shaky as a voice still but playing against you has helped a lot.

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I just saw Inception again over the weekend, so I can saw with certainty that you are definitely doing her justice. :) I had forgotten how pushy she really was in the beginning with Cobb. Like she barely knows this guy and she's giving him ultimatums about how to deal with his subconscious! And you definitely bring that out in how you play her. So kudos.

Oh and Olivia's definitely developed a fondness for her too. :) Thanks for playing with her (and me)!

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Yay! :) I found a lot of them online (which I did because I didn't really watch most of season 1 and the beginning of season 2), but it seems like the places I watched them aren't working anymore. Otherwise I'd give you a link.

If anything if you just watch the pilot you can see why Ariadne and Olivia would get along. She's pretty much fearless in the face of her superiors. Plus the first scene is of her sleeping with her partner. :o

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Kindred spirits for sure! :)

And here's a sexy icon for you.

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Just wanted to say I love your Ariadne. That is all.


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Aw, thank you! I'm not sure there's many around, so its not like you have too many to compare me to, anyway, haha. Btw, I'm all up for continuing the torturing of our characters if you are, just let me know!

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Haha, oh dear. I'm hoping to get Fischer involved with the team again, even if he doesn't quite know what he's getting himself into, poor fellow. But I take it that the Ariadne project means that his subconscious, at least, remembers some of the 'Fischer job?'

Pfft, she's sexy regardless, in her own way!

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Question! I was gonna have Fischer cave in and give her a call - because its just too tempting. Would you rather this was just our own line/verse, or involve it with my line with Cobb and Arthur? I'm down with either!

There ya go!

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Your Ariadne is fresh and fun and fascinating. Thank you for tagging my Arthur on his very first post.

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Of course. She's adorable and seems real, if that makes sense.

Thank you. I hoped to sum up his approach to the business. I'm late to the Inception scene with Arthur. He seems very popular and I understand why. There are some very good Arthurs around. I think mine might be a little quirky.

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We know so little about all of them, really. Just hints and images, tugging at the corner of our vision. Elusive.

My take on Arthur has him so controlled now because he needs to be.

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Thank you. As do I. He's only telling me on a need-yo-know basis...

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Thank you for the puppy :3 ♥

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Oh, I see how it is :P Thanks for ruining his badass image.

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Okay, so I did ONE thread!jack on Arthur's 6ws. And I want to keep you in my life.
Eames wants to spend a good long time drinking with Ariadne, but that is far from the point.
Blathery story short, you are doing a fantastic job.

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'Take Eames on'? Oh, he interpreted that as a challenge. This will not be ending well for someone.

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God, nothing ends well for Arthur, does it?

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May use that as a more childish taunt for my Arthur one of these days, you've inspired me.

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Here: ♥

Have another compliment to add to the previous ones.